The PowerBook G3

Codename: Kanga
CPU: PowerPC 750
CPU speed: 250 Mhz
FPU: integrated
motherboard RAM: 32 MB
maximum RAM: 160 MB
number of sockets: 1 -- unique slot
minimum speed: 60 ns
ROM: 3072 k
L1 cache: 32 k data, 32 k instruction
L2 cache: 512 k backside (1:2.5)
data path: 64 bit
bus speed: 50 Mhz
slots: 2 Type II or 1 Type III PC Card, Ethernet/Video slot
Serial Ports: 1
ADB: 1
Floppy: 1.44 MB SuperDrive
HD: 5 GB (ATA)
CD-ROM: 20x Screen: 12.1" active matrix 16-bit (thousands of colors) SVGA LCD (800x600)
Sound Output: stereo 16 bit, built-in stereo speaker
Sound Input: stereo 16 bit, built-in mono mic
Ethernet: 10B-T
Gestalt ID: 313
power: 45 Watts
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 2.4" H x 11.5" W x 9.5" D
Min System Software: 8.0
Max System Software: 9.0
introduced: November 1997
terminated: May 1998

The PowerBook G3 was the first PowerBook to use the PPC 750, a third generation Motorala/IBM processor. The 750, or "G3" as it had been nicknamed before, was the first PPC processor designed to use a high speed, "backside" cache which could interact with the processor at much faster speeds than a standard L2 cache, which was restricted by the motherboard speed. The PowerBook G3 was similar to the PowerBook 3400, with the addition of a 750 processor running at 250Mhz, and a 512k backside cache running at a 2.5:1 processor to cache ratio (100Mhz). The Power of the 750, combined with the high speed cache, made the PowerBook G3 the fastest notebook in the world, barnone. (It clocked speeds nearly as fast as the 9600/300) It was replaced in my by the new PowerBook G3 series.

Picture: Apple Corporate Site

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