The Network Server 500/700

Codename: Shiner LE/HE
CPU: PowerPC 604/604e (200 Mhz)
CPU speed: 132 (500)/150/200 Mhz (700)
FPU: integrated
motherboard RAM: 0
maximum RAM: 1024 MB
number of sockets: 8 -- 168 pin DIMM
minimum speed: 60 ns
ROM: n/a
VRAM: 1 MB DRAM (non-upgradable)
L1 cache: 16/32 k data, 16/32 k instruction (larger values for 604e)
L2 cache: 512 k DIMM (132 Mhz)/1 MB DIMM (150/200 Mhz)
data path: 64 bit
bus speed: 44/50 Mhz
slots: 6 PCI
Serial Ports: 2
ADB: 1
Floppy: 1.4 MB SuperDrive
HD: up to 6 9GB hot-replacable (across two SCSI 2 fast/wide busses)
CD-ROM: 4x (604)/8x (604e)
Monitor: none, supports all resolutions
Sound Output: stereo 16 bit
Sound Input: stereo 16 bit
Ethernet: AAUI-15
Gestalt ID: n/a
power: 325 Watts
Weight: 84 lbs. Dimensions: 24.5" H x 16.5" W x 18" D
Min System Software: AIX 4.1.4
Max System Software: AIX 4.1.5
introduced: February 1996
terminated: April 1997

The Network Server 500/700 were unique in that they ran AIX (an IBM flavor of UNIX) and not the MacOS. They were Apple's attempt to enter the high-end server market (perhaps the only true servers Apple ever shipped), but sold poorly.

Picture: Apple Corporate Site

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