The Apple II+

Codename: ??
CPU: MOS Technology/SynerTek 6502
CPU speed: 1 Mhz
FPU: none
motherboard RAM: 48 k
maximum RAM: 64 k
number of sockets: n/a (RAM expansion via 1st expansion slot)
minimum speed: n/a
ROM: 12 k
L1 cache: n/a
L2 cache: n/a
data path: 8 bit
bus speed: 1 Mhz
slots: 8 proprietary
SCSI: none
Serial Ports: optional expansion card
ADB: none
Floppy: optional
HD: none
Display: 6 color at 280x192, 4-bit color at 40x48
Sound Output: built in speaker
power: ??
introduced: June 1979
terminated: 1983

Essentially an extension of the Apple II, the II Plus came with 48K RAM, and a new auto-start ROM for easier start-up and screen editing. It also included a new flavor of Basic in the ROM--a floating point version written by a new company called Microsoft. It was released in June 1978 and retailed for $1,195. The IIplus was sold in Europe as the IIeuroplus, which could display video in European PAL format. It was replaced by the Apple IIe in 1983.

Picture: Personal Computing Magazine, 11/84

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