The Apple IIc/IIc+

Codename: ET, IIb, IIp, Pippin, VLC, Elf, Yoda, Teddy, Chels, Jason, Lollie
CPU: MOStek 65C02
CPU speed: 1 Mhz (IIc)/4 Mhz (IIc+)
FPU: none
motherboard RAM: 128 k
maximum RAM: 1 MB*
number of sockets: n/a
minimum speed: n/a
ROM: 32 k
L1 cache: n/a
L2 cache: n/a
data path: 8 bit
bus speed: 1.4 Mhz (IIc)/4 Mhz (IIc+)
slots: none
SCSI: none
Serial Ports: 2
ADB: none
Floppy: Internal Disk ][ 143k 5.25" (IIc)/800 k 3.25" (IIc+), floppy port
HD: none
Display: 40 or 80 column text, 4 bit color at 40x48, 3 bit color at 260x192, 2-bit color at 560x192 Monitor: Standard 9" Green monochrome, optional LCD panel. Sound Output: built in speaker
power: 18W
introduced: April 1984
terminated: November 1990

* The IIc was considered a "closed system", and while third-party productss allowed users to upgrade their RAM to 1 MB, but only by voiding the warrenty in the process.

Introduced in April of 1984, the Apple IIc was the first compact Apple II. It came in a small white case, and was built around an enhanced 65C02 processor, running at 1.4 MHz. It had 128k RAM, (expandable to 1 MB) a built-in 5.25" floppy drive on the side, and could be used with a mouse. The Apple IIc+ was introduced in 1988, with a 4 MHz 65C02, RAM expandable to over 1 MB, a larger ROM, and an optional internal 800k 3.5" drive. The Apple IIc+ was discontinued in November of 1990.

Picture: Personal Computing Magazine, 12/84

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