The Quadra 630

Codename: Crusader, Show Biz, Show & Tell
CPU: MC68040
CPU speed: 33 Mhz
FPU: integrated
motherboard RAM: 4 MB
maximum RAM: 36 MB
number of sockets: 1 -- 72 pin SIMM
minimum speed: 80 ns
VRAM: 1 MB (soldered)
L1 cache: 8 k
L2 cache: n/a
data path: 32 bit
bus speed: 33 Mhz
slots: LC PDS, comm, TV, video i/o
Serial Ports: 2
ADB: 1
Floppy: 1.4 MB SuperDrive
HD: 250-500 MB (IDE)
CD-ROM: optional (2x)
Display: resolutions up to 832x624
Sound Output: stereo 8 bit
Sound Input: mono 8 bit
Ethernet: none
Gestalt ID: 98
power: 45 Watts
Weight: 19 lbs.
Dimensions: 4.3" H x 12.6" W x 16.5" D
Min System Software: 7.1.2P
Max System Software: 8.1
introduced: July 1994
terminated: October 1995

The last of the Quadra line, the Quadra 630 was introduced in June 1994. The 630 was a hybrid of a Quadra and an LC in a sleek new case. It had an internal IDE hard drive (the 630 was the first Mac to use the IDE bus), and an optional CD-ROM drive. It sold for $1,200, and was also released as the LC 630, and the Performa 630, 630CD, 631CD, 635CD, 636, 636CD, 637CD, 638CD, and 640CD, each of which was bundled with different software, accessories, monitors, and hard drives (some Performas had a 68LC040, and several were also availavle with a 25 Mhz 486SX DOS card). The Quadra 630 was discontinued in August 1995.

Picture: Apple Corporate Site

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