The LC 580

Codename: ??
CPU: MC68LC040
CPU speed: 33 Mhz
FPU: available via processor upgrade (to 68040)
motherboard RAM: 4 MB
maximum RAM: 52 MB
number of sockets: 2 -- 72 pin SIMM
minimum speed: 80 ns
VRAM: 1 MB DRAM (soldered to motherboard)
L1 cache: 8 k
L2 cache: n/a
data path: 32 bit
bus speed: 33 Mhz
slots: 1 LC PDS, comm, video i/o
Serial Ports: 2
ADB: 1
Floppy: 1.4 MB SuperDrive
HD: 500 MB MB
CD-ROM: 2x
Monitor: 14" RGB built-in (640x480)
Sound Output: stereo 8 bit (built in speaker)
Sound Input: mono 8 bit (built-in mono mic)
Ethernet: none
Gestalt ID: 99
power: 40 Watts
Weight: 40.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 17.9" H x 13.5" W x 16.5" D
Min System Software: 7.5
Max System Software: 8.1
introduced: April 1995
terminated: April 1996

Released in April 1995, the LC 580 doubled the VRAM (to 1 MB) of its predecessor, the LC 575, and a video in/out slot was added. (This slot was similar to the TV tuner slot featured in the short lived Mac TV.) The LC 580 also sold as the Performas 580CD and 588CD and was discontinued a year later.

Picture: Apple Corporate Site

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